Scheduled Cruises

  • Mid-day Cruise

    The East shore of Lake Tahoe is full of beautiful and photographed scenery. The beautiful undeveloped coast line is breathtaking.  The clear turquoise water, magnificent boulders, and hidden beaches all are unmatched. We also have the beautiful sheltered waters of Dollar Point for those windy days to ensure a comfortable cruise.  On any day we might explore to the West or the East depending on weather, but wherever the wind takes us, there are beautiful sights to see.
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  • Sunset Cruise

    An evening cruise on Lake Tahoe to experience the beautiful mountain sunset on the lake from the sheltered waters of the North Shore.  See a view of Stanley Dollars' former estate and other stately mansions in the only way you can, from the water.  On calm days we head out into the Lake to maximize the view of the mountains and sun while surrounded by the beautiful blue water of Lake Tahoe.
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