How many people can we book?

  • Up to 6 People, minimum of 2.

Can we bring our own food and alcohol?

  • Yes

What time and where do we depart from?

  • Arrive ten minutes before scheduled departure time at Sierra Boat Pier 5146 N Lake Blvd, Carnelian Bay, CA 96140. We will have staff help load the boat.

Can we park at the pier?

  • Yes, keep in mind parking in Lake Tahoe is limited please try to consolodiate parking. If needed over flow parking is Garwoods bar and grill public parking lot.

How long is each charter.

  • Mid-day 3 hours, Sunset 2 hours.

What facilities do you provide?

  • Full private toilet room, kitchen with all amenities included. Microwave / convection.

What is the appropriate boating attire?

  • Soft soled shoes or bare feet. Jacket or sweater advised for sunset cruse.

Are children allowed on board?

  • Yes, however children under 14 have to were class 1 life vests. Provided by Blue water charter